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We are living in incredible times. Not since the Second Industrial Revolution has the world changed so rapidly.  You can feel the winds of change in the air, you can hear the steps of discontent on our streets, and can see the spectacles of transformation on our television sets. A host of emotions are stirred in the tumults of our time. Change gives rise to worry, uncertainty, and fear.  But change is also the father of hope, progress, and advancement. We have seen tremendous technological and social shifts before. We know with concrete certainty that the answer does not lie in nationalism and retreating into our political enclaves, but together,  as four nations – England, Scotland Northern Ireland, and Wales – united; fighting for liberty and democracy.

This website is committed to protecting our unique and invaluable constitution, the British Union. For too long nationalism has dictated the political weather, our political discourse, stealing our voices and audaciously claiming to be a representation of Scotland. This website says thinks differently! Scotland is not what the current political establishment says it is but a rich, diverse mosaic, broad in make-up and broader in ambition. We say yes to common partnership and common goals. We say yes to shared power and a global outlook. We say yes to mutual respect and joint enterprise. And when observed, these values, though as light as air, are as strong as links of iron and no nationalism will tear them asunder. Together, as one Island, we will meet the challenges of the 21st century.

This website believes in supporting the Union and building on a success story lasting 300 years. We will do so unwavering commitment, steadfast fearlessness, and intellectual vigour. Should you share our vision and wish to support us we will be deeply grateful.

Liberty Scotland