Our Values

What is Liberty Scotland?

In practice, Liberty Scotland is an online media outlet that promotes individual liberty and the Union, but it is much more, a matrix of ideas.

We believe in people. They should have the ability to live in freedom, to pursue their hopes, and be empowered to meet their ambitions.  While supporting personal freedom, Liberty Scotland also nourishes the idea of peoples’. Scotland, England,  Northern Ireland, and Wales have created the greatest and most successful union in human history, the United Kingdom. This incredible feat should be celebrated and strengthened. Together we established democracy; together we advanced liberty around the world; together we have been a leader in toleration; and together we have raged against the greatest threats to these ideals.

The idea of Britain is not one singular identifiable thing, but the harmony of many. The liberal spirit of the West Country; the slick patter of the Scots; the unmatched hospitality of Northern Ireland; the Celtic culture of Wales; or the irrepressible character of the North East. Each, in their own way, unique; yet absolutely unique in their togetherness.


Core Principles

  1. Individual Liberty: All citizens have the right to live their life as they wish free from the arbitrary power if the state. Free expression; freedom of speech,; preserving the dignity of the individual; the right to voluntary association.
  2. Free Press: An independent media is critical to democracy and healthy society. We wish to provide a strong voice for Unionism in Scotland.
  3. Tradition: Liberty Scotland believes in tradition, particularly institutional tradition.  Westminster  Parliament has always protected our cherished rights.
  4. Decentralised Government – the government should touch the individual here and there; not dictate how people should live their lives.
  5. Opposing Referendums –  The continued irresponsible pursuit of separation by the Scottish Government is harming all Home Nations.  They are divisive, destructive, and dysfunctional.
  6. The Union – Supporting the continued strength and integrity of the United Kingdom.
  7. Holding the Government to Account. It is the duty of every citizen to critique the government and hold them to account at the ballot box.