Time to Talk about Radical Islam

In the wake of another terrorist attack, we must ignore the self-pity and graveside mourning of the left and be strong to our values and promote them with unashamed confidence. In fact, we need to ask serious questions. Is our inaction creating a space for the growth of an unwelcome ideology in our communities?

Foreign Policy & the Left

We cannot continually blame ourselves for these crimes. Recently, in the black shadow of the Manchester Attacks, Jeremy Corbyn decalared the War on Terror a failure; foreign policy was encouraging terrorism. Let us be clear, there is nothing wrong with critiquing Britain’s foreign policy. In our fight against Islamism, we need to reflect on every possible effect of its cause. This is responsible and fitting.  The far left go beyond this, however; it weeps with self-hatred and blame.  In their mind, we are responsible for the world’s problems, including Islamism. Jeremy Corbyn believes we brought war on ourselves and this is just another bloody backlash.

Unless given a huge mandate most politicians are trepid to touch the subject of foreign policy and its relation to Islamic radicalism. Corbyn, however, thought it acceptable to open up a controversial subject less than a week after the Manchester attack. Further, he did so during an election campaign, a decision that appears reckless given his continued support. The polls indicated a rise in his popularity.  Keeping to social policy and inequality he was improving. Security and international affairs are his weakness. Now with this one statement, he has demonstrated his biggest frailty at the most vulnerable time. The fact that Corbyn made this statement while emotions were still raw is very telling of his position.

Corbyn with Gerry Adams

It is a sort of self-hatred brought on by colonial guilt. In short, it is an ideology seeded in the anti-imperial Marxism of decolonisation in the 60’s and 70s: We are imperial monsters who enslave the world in capitalist chains. In this regard, he is anti-British and goes a long way to explaining why he sympathised with the IRA. We must draw the distinction between Corbyn and other critics of British foreign policy.  There is a clear difference between a critic offering an evaluation of the problem of Islamism and its contributory factors to what Corbyn believes. One is pragmatic; he has a worldview. It’s a slight but vital distinction.People of his political stripes share similar views.   Blame is apportioned unevenly; Britain is a genocidal criminal with racism in its genome. She creates her own problems and his reeping the whirlwind of historical crimes. If only we talked to them; if onle we didn’t bomb their towns; if only, if only, if only. This shameful self-flaggleation is befitting only for the guilt sodden Catholic. Self-hatred only gives oxygen to our enemies. We know were the blame starts and were it ends: in the heart and mind of the terrorist.

This is the genesis of the Islamist’s gripe: If only we talked to them; if onle we didn’t bomb their towns; if only, if only, if only. This shameful self-flaggleation is befitting only for a guilt sodden Catholic. We should know better. Self-hatred only gives oxygen to our enemies. We know where the blame starts and were it ends: in the rotten heart, perverted mind, and evil hand of the terrorist.

Islamism Hates our Values

Under closer examination, the foreign policy argument begins to crumble. Take the case of Germany. Haunted by its lurid past, Germany fumbles, in the chaotic storms of our times,  for the path of redemption. In the crisis of self-identity,  she has flatly refused to rise to her European duty.  There is an anaphylactic repulsion to foreign intervention and bulks at a modest proposal of foreign policy strategy of any kind. They flatly refused get involved in Iraq and their role on the War on Terror has been peripheral. In fact, in an effort to dispel the ghosts of Nazism, they welcomed millions of refugees. Their reward? A truck being driven into a Christmas market and women molested on the streets. What about Belgium? What indignity have they imposed on the Muslim community to deserve being blown up? What about when Muslim extremists tried to poison the London water system in London in the 90s? That was against the backdrop of Tony Blair protecting Bosnian Muslims.

Germany Attacked Despite Taking in Refugees

In Miami, a nightclub was transformed into a human abbatoir. Homosexuals were mercillessly mowed down because they were gay. In Manchester teenage girls were blown to pieces because they were women attending an artist that empowered them and promoted female rights. This is an attack in British Liberalism.

People need to wake up and smell the smoke instead of comforting themselves with the “our foreign policy is to blame” mantra. This is pathetic circular reasoning, intellectual diarrhoea of the worst kind and deflects from the real problem. We could go Corbyn’s way but they would still their heinous designs to murder as many people as possible because they hate modern liberalism; despise it; wish to atomise  it and replace it with ensalvement. Islamism is antithetical to liberalism. It’s a narrow and extreme religious doctrine that debases young women, dehumanises them, justifying sexual exploitation and murder. They hate gays, drinking, individual freedom, and toleration. Period.

The “It’s our fault” platoon are weak.

British Muslims

We need to ask that salient question: Why are British Asian men killing teenage girls and Londoners, and trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament?  Firstly, the terrorists that are attacking us are not originating in failed states they are home-grown. The majority come from Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, London and other major cities. They are not refugees from Iraq, Libya or Syria but people born in Britain that turn into fanatics. There seems to be a toxic brew that leads Asian men to reject British society and be openly hostile toward our culture. They blame the ills of the Islamic world on America, Britain, and the entire Western world. Why? What is going wrong in our communities for this to happen?

Finsbury Park Mosque was a Centre for International Terrorism

We Cannot be Afraid

We are terrified to ask the difficult questions.  We are possessed with a paralysing cognitive dissonance; we are possessed with failure to see the clear and present danger of our situation.  There is a culture on the far left that is  openly hostile to Britain. There is nothing wrong with criticising a culture; in fact, it is necessary, but the far left do not see Britain as a force for good but generally quite evil.  However, those on the far left portray Britain and America as greedy capitalist imperialists. In fact, it is almost seen as intellectually fashionable to be anti-Western.

Secondly, they conceive of Britain and America as racist states. Our academic institutions have become engines of our own destruction. Students see western racism and power in everywhere, every policy is understood as a neo-imperialist racist scheme. It’s a major blindspot. The arguments against Iraq War were, broadly speaking, framed in this manner. Britain was there to “steal the oil”, a sharp phrase that resonated with imperial plunder. We are terrified, petrified, infact, to appear racist.

Rochdale Grooming Scandal: Fears of Racism Facilitated Exploitation

But this obsession with racism has had a real effect on our own communities. We had Muslim gangs grooming young girls in Rochdale. Nobody was willing to challenge these crimes because they did not wish to appear racist. Misogyny was given a free-pass and resulted in the wholesale abuse of vulnerable teenage girls. This is unacceptable. In Birmingham, we had the Trojan Horse saga, Islamic radicals attempting to hijack educational institutions to promote a narrow form of Islam. Nobody said anything until it had got completely out of control because they did not want to look racist.  In the shadow of the latest crime, this lie that Islam is “a religion of peace” must never be uttered again. Islam has a problem with radicalism. Period. Bill Maher puts it best:

What Now?

Something is rotten in our local communities and again we are  too afraid to ask the hard questions. It seems to be a breeding ground for misogyny, intolerance, and radicalism. The Muslim community is tight-knit and admirably communal, but they don’t like outside interference, and, as we know going into communities, kicking in doors with the SWAT team is counter-productive. The Prevent Program was a softer approach, an anti-extremist strategy that has caused a major backlash from Muslim communities.  That leads to a question: Where do we go from here? The Muslim Community wants to be left alone. We look after each other “ we can solve this problem alone!”.  The problem is getting worse and they cannot get a handle on it. When we step in to intervene there is a bad reaction when we do not we get bombed. Where do we go from here? Mindless platitudes about love conquering hate are ineffective to real practical solutions.

We can no longer accept that London, the home of liberty, people are frog marched with their hands on their head.

The solution does not lie in being ant-Islam and resorting to Islamophobia; that serves only to aggravate the problem.  But we must not accept the current approach; it served only to give space to these immenely destructive ideas. Not all ideas are equal; that is the poison of multi-culturalism. They must be challenged, refuted, and replaced with stronger ideas. We must say in Scotland, England, Britain we have certain values that must be observed. We must be brave in our values and assert them with confidence and not cower for fear of looking racist. That is no longer acceptable; the ramifications of inaction are too great.

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